Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hello my friend.

Yes, I missed the internet. I welcome you back my wonderful friend.

A short update in pictures follows.

E and our new puppy, Zoe. Such cuties.

Our bathroom before.
Our bathroom now...well, a couple hours ago. Now it's grouted, too!

Oh, and we discovered a hole in the floor under the particleboard. Yay. Go figure.

So, so far we've done the following:
  • Installed a doggy door, yessss!
  • Put a ceiling fan in our bedroom, oh yeah. I am in love with ceiling fans.
  • Put a new light fixture in one of the guest bedrooms.
  • Cleaned the yard. That was some work.
  • Tiled/Grouted the bathroom counter.
  • Added another sink in previously mentioned bathroom.
  • Fixed light fixture so we can have a vanity light over each sink in said bathroom.
  • Half painted the bathroom (had to wait to fix the wall above the vanity to paint the rest)
  • Ripped up the really moldy particle board by the shower (and found the hole in the floor)
  • Umm...picked out paint colors for the kitchen, which I'm not gonna start working on until the bathroom's done.
  • Oh, and painted the previously ugly bathroom cabinets and put on new hardware.
Yay to fixing a house. I'm hoping we're done with our bathroom renovation by the 20th...can we make it? Seein that we'll be in Minneapolis all weekend, I'm wondering. But I'm hopeful!

Oh, and what am I reading lately? Nothing. ::Tear::

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