Monday, November 24, 2008

New Clothes!

So, I went shopping this weekend, yay! 'Bout time. I was seriously running out of pants. It was bad. And now? I have 3 pairs of jeans, crazy! I don't remember the last time I had three pairs of jeans that fit well!

So, Mom, Memaw and I drove to Nebraska City because they have a pretty awesome outlet place with super cheap clothes. Those jeans? $10. Oh yeah.

Outfit #1 - I made myself buy this vest, cause come on, it's cute!

Outfit #2 - I like the sweater, surprisingly.

In other news, I also rocked the painted toenails tonight. Wow, I'm boring. :)

toes! The shade? CoverGirl Perfect Penny.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Choppy Sentences.

Are killing me. They're. Everywhere. Can you tell I'm grading essays? Oh how lovely! Actually, the worst part is that I would rather be doing anything else :) Go figure.

So I'm catsitting a cat for a friend (of a friend). I know I'm pathetic, I can't say no.

Complaints about said cat:

1. She's ugly. Sorry. She just is. Lemme see if I can scrounge up a picture.
That pictures kinda not showing how her colors don't really blend. It does show that she's obese though. Dang cat, I feed them twice a day and she still seems to be eating too much!

2. She's retarded. Seriously. She can't walk in a straight line and her eyes are HUGE, she just looks below average.

3. She sheds like you would not believe! This has to be the worst. I'm sorry, I love cats, but I cannot STAND their hair. And her favorite place to sleep while I'm at school? My pillow. Damn you Emmy.

4. She poops outside the cat box. Now, I thought I had this figured out, she likes a really clean cat box. NOPE. I cleaned it out last night and wahlah, more poop on the floor this morning.

Needless to say, someone (Me!) can't wait until Emmy's Mom gets home from Jordan in May. I should start a countdown. On the other hand, Simon absolutely loves playing with her. Dang, I might have to get another kitty...darn ;)

Note: How the heck do you spell wahlah? I can't believe I've never come across this before. Surely it's easy and I'm just slow tonight.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

To job hungs and fretting

So, it looks like I'll be looking for a job for this upcoming school year. I didn't think I'd be looking this soon, but E and I talked about it and we're both ready to live closer to each other. When I originally started where I am now I thought I'd be here for four years, this is my second. However, if I can't find a job that is at least comparable, I won't move. It's too good of a job, and E and I would be fine if we waited another my humble opinion. However much I want to get started on the rest of my life, I'm not going back to C-town level schools.

In other news? 10 pounds away from my WW goal!!

My Mom, Memaw and I will be going shopping this weekend in Nebraska because I'm in desparate need of some pants that fit. Dang losing weight (not really though).

Well, I really must do something productive. Seriously. Go Kate.

Currently Reading: New Moon by Stephanie Meyer

Thursday, November 13, 2008


This is scary, but it's the "Before" picture. Now I just have to take the "After" and post it tomorrow.Hey, at least even in my absolutely horrible "Before" picture I was still a rockin' Harry Potter fan!

It's that time again...

So, it's time to start thinking about Christmas presents. Ahhhh! So, my goal this year? Make (or recycle) all presents, except for Erik. Cause, really...what would he want that I could make? Any suggestions? He's so hard to buy for anyway.

Mom - making a clothespin holder
S - hmm, I made him an awesome blanket last year, maybe a family slideshow - oh yeah! Of just our family.
A - hmm...something for his new house, possibly Erik can help me think of something there.
Dad - I got a mountain biking book for $0.50 at the library book sale, maybe I can make something for his bike as well...maybe arm warmers? For riding in the winter? Haha, yeah right.
C - oh...she's crafty. This one will be difficult. I already have one idea, but besides that I'm a little stumped.
E - no friggin clue. Help.

This week at school's been great, the kids are behaving, I'm waking up early, it's just been good. I hope this keeps up! Next week's a full week, but after that, only 2 days and then break! Yay!!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Custodian, My Savior

Okay, so that's a little exaggerated, but he's pretty sweet. I was complaining (I know, gasp) about my apartment's dryer and how the fuse always blows. What did he do? Fixed it! Seriously, love it.

My coworker had her baby, c-u-t-e. Seriously, I need to stay away from babies, it's making me baby crazy. I have to least a few years. In other baby news however, two of my cousins are expecting. Yay! They'll be so adorable. Really though, I must change the subject.

In other news? I have no news. I wish I did, but I'm boring. All I've been doing lately is grading papers, goin to the gym, checkin out Post Secret, and reading. Yay!

Currently Reading: The World Without End by Ken Follett

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I feel like a politician.

Because in my head I'm telling myself to "hope" and that "change is possible."
Too cliche?

So what the heck am I talking about?
Well, I have these classes full of students who don't like to read (or learn really). This of course really bugs me because I love reading. I'm an English teacher, of course I love reading! So, while I'd love to have them energized and excited about reading, or at least listening while I read, it gets really frustrating.

Why is it frustrating?
The majority of the students who sign up to take "sports literature" love sports (yay, that's cool) but don't like to read (boo, that stinks). The mixture of students is also a problem. There are a lot of students in these classes (I have two sections) who do poorly in school, have very strong personalities, tend to get in trouble, and do not like school. See where I'm going with this?

The Time for Change is NOW
So, I've been frustrated with this class since, oh...about two weeks after I started teaching it. It's a lot to handle. Lately it's been...ok...and when I say okay, it's still about four times as bad as my other classes, but for Sports Literature, I feel they're okay.

Today my principal (I'm really learning to like him!) came to talk to me about the class after school. I've told the principal and assistant principal about the issue so they generally try to drop by each class period to check on things. Anyway, he sent me a PowerPoint with some really awesome tips for teaching in general, things that are common sense, but I am really glad I was able to be reminded of.

Here's what I'm hoping to implement:
  • Be more positive! I let them get me down, and that never helps anyone, especially them. Come on Kate!
  • Meet students at the door - I've been really lax on this cause I always feel busy during passing periods.
  • Come up with a "Classroom Code of Conduct"? The sample one is awesome!
  • Make students raise hands (duh) and be polite (I've been working tirelessly on this one!)
  • Post the agenda every day
  • Be more positive! It's one of my classroom rules, so it can use repeating.
Wish me luck, I really hope to turn this class around. Again. :) It's so hard some days and I'm tired of being the "bitchy" teacher. I know that it's not all on me, but I'm the teacher, and if I don't start the change, who will?

Once again, wish me luck. I will need it.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So much for that.

C, A, me, and E at the Obama Rally in Columbia last Thursday

So, if I remember correctly, I said I planned on posting at least 3 times a week. HA!

But, I had something to say tonight.

1. The election results are making me a very happy American indeed.

2. I'm only 12 - yes, that's right - TWELVE pounds away from my goal weight in WW. Super excited! I think I might make my personal goal weight 5 pounds less. Cause seriously, I can do it!

3. Kids are messed up. I had to confiscate the phone of a student who decided to order a burger from the local bar 5 minutes before school was out today - during class. WTF?! The nerve I tell ya!

4. This weather is b-e-a-utiful! I am enjoying it as much as possible. Yay mild weather!

5. Sometimes it worries me that I'm getting anxious to "settle down." I don't know if it's just that I have a real "grown-up" job, and that I've had it for going on three years. Or if it just makes me anxious that E, my significant other of almost 5 years is not nearly as anxious. Does everyone go through this, or is it just me?

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