Sunday, June 27, 2010


When I first started really running a couple years ago I got shin splints. Then I didn't stop running for longer than a day or so, so they never had the chance to heal. Therefore, every time I ran I felt sore afterward. I remember the first time I wasn't sore later I wondered what I was doing wrong.

The reason I'm telling you this? I'm sore. P90X makes me sore. Everywhere. But I like it.

Today was Plyometrics. I really like this workout (however if you would've asked me 2 hours ago when I was in the middle of it I wouldn't have said that). It's SO much like the bootcamp workout that I did at the gym last year, it's nice, I already know the moves, I know I can do them, and it definitely gets your heart rate up.

So far my least favorite workout is Yoga X. I like the weights workouts, because I never do weights, so I like the guidance, and I like that I imagine I'm already seeing results. I'm sure I'm not, I just never paid attention to my arms before, but I can imagine, right?

I'm making this brown bread recipe tonight and I'm excited. I LOVE bread. Off to the grocery store to get some yogurt (and diet coke of course).

Currently Reading: Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult (yeah I know, I already read chick lit for this summer, but it was only $6 at Barnes & Noble, I couldn't pass that up!) Read Stay by Allie Larkin last week - really good!

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