Friday, June 6, 2008


So, tomorrow's the big day. The duathlon that is. I'm just gonna say that after last weekend I'm extremely nervous. I discovered that nervous and an athletic event don't quite mix that well. Last weekend after the running we jumped on our bikes and barely had time to catch a breath. Well, halfway into the biking I was still breathing just as hard - probably worse - and the chain popped off my bike and I just about had a crying fit. Haha. Crying and biking do not mix well. So, today I'm trying to convince myself that no matter what I don't need to get "worked up" tomorrow. I'm just gonna go to finish. I know I'm not going to be near E, K and Dad. If I'm lucky Elizabeth and I will keep up with each other. That'd be nice.

So, in other words: This blog post is pointless unless you wanted to know how nervous I am about tomorrow. I'll check back tomorrow with the results! :)

Currently Reading: Nothing (OMG!) As soon as Erik leaves on vacation I'm reading Ender's Game.

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