Sunday, February 8, 2009

"What's all this about a bomb threat?!"

Yes, that's right. The middle school of my school district received a bomb threat Friday. Actually, they received the call Thursday night. That's right. The extremely intelligent prankster left a bomb threat VOICE-MAIL! Seriously. Really?

So, here's how school went on Friday.

1. It was a bea-utiful day. About 68 degrees. Beautiful. What's that mean? Crazy kids!
2. Courtwarming, which means we were running a different schedule, shortened classes with a lot of student anticipation/excitement for the pep rally.
3. Oh, did I mention a bomb threat? This meant the entire middle school students/staff had to come up to the high school.

The middle schoolers took the threat wonderfully. They were very well behaved, no one freaked out. It was nice.

The high schoolers? Drama! First of all, the administration didn't really tell any of the teachers what was going on - so we didn't know what to tell the kids when they yelled out stuff like, "What's with this bomb threat?!" in the middle of class. I mean, really. That was my biggest complaint. You have to let your teachers know what's going on so they can handle the madness and calm fears. Oh, and not appear like they're bumbling idiots or just lying to cover things up.

All in all, it was a crazy day. But...considering what went on, it turned out rather well.

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Can I just say... said...

Oh, good ol' bomb threats. Kids are such idiots. We've had 2 so far this year. We usually have one or two toward the end of the year when the weather's nice.