Tuesday, April 7, 2009

In lieu of a better title...

I've been a bad blogger. Every (other) day or so I think to myself, "Wow, Kate...you should really blog something." And then I think: You have nothing to say! Am I really that boring? One would hope not.

So what's been happening in my world lately?
  • I am currently hosting a German. She's here with her students who are visiting from our sister city in Germany. She's their English teacher, and she speaks very good English (obviously!) So...that's going well so far - except that I feel bad kicking her out of the living room (one of two rooms in my small apartment) so I can watch the Biggest Loser. Oh well, I'll catch it online in a day or so.
  • We're going to apply for a loan Friday!! Yay :) We don't have school Friday so E and I are going a couple places to get pre-approved for a loan. I'm very excited about this. Can you tell?
  • The Central Missouri Humane Society is in the top 10 animal shelters - voting for the 1,000,000 $$ makeover starts on the 10th (I think!) Zootoo is the best!
  • I'm a wonderful procrastinator. I'm supposed to be done with The Brothers Karamazov by tomorrow and I'm currently on page 487 of 735. Eeek.
  • Above statement shows how truly wonderful I am at procrastinating. Hello? Blogging Kate?! Read!!
  • Playing fetch with my cat (also currently do this) is hilarious. He's too darned cute.
  • I have a 5K this weekend that I'm hoping to excel in. We shall see.
Okay, I'm off to read. Seriously.

Currently Reading: The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoevsky

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Callina said...

Good luck getting your loan!! Exciting!