Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sweet Success

So I joined a challenge at my local gym, The Biggest Loser. They track your percentage lost over a four month period, and I'm pretty psyched because they've got some sweet prizes (can you say 1-hour massage?)! Well, when you sign up they take your weight and measurements so I compared it to my weight and measurements from when I signed up at the gym. Curious, are you?

From July 2007 - January 2009

Pounds lost: 38

BMI: Start - 30.2, Now - 23.9

Fat: Start 35.8%, Now - 29.2%

Inches Lost:
Chest: 6
Waist: 8
Hips: 8
Thighs: 2
Calves: 1

Yes, you could say I was pretty psyched about that. A little freaked that I let it get as bad as I did, but psyched that I've come so far since May 2008 (when I started WW).

In other news? My new year's resolution is going good. It's tough. But so far? No biting nails! No biting cuticles! I think it might be harder than WW. Maybe because there's not such a great benefit in the end?

Well, Simon wants to play fetch. Silly cat. I swear he thinks he's a dog.

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