Monday, December 8, 2008

breaking dawn & the express: the ernie davis story

So, I decided since my blog is titled "Relentlessly Reading" it'd only make sense to post my book reviews here. They're also on Goodreads, but hey, I need a post! :)

Title: Breaking Dawn
Author: Stephanie Meyer
Rating: 3 outta 5stars
Review: So I'm done with the Twilight series. I don't know if it's just that I read too much, of if the foreshadowing is really that obvious in these books.

In this book Bella finally becomes a vampire. Now that's not a spoiler, you can read it in the book jacket! That said, it does take awhile to get there, and this book is the least G rated out of the four in the series. I always like Jacob and Bella's relationship the best out of all the characters because it seemed the most real, and it stayed that way in the forth book until Bella gets married and unexpected surprise. However, I think Bella's relationship with Alice (Edward's "sister") is great in this book.

I also liked how all the vampires came together to "fight evil" and that they seemed to find a sort of peace with the werewolves.

So overall? I guess I'd say it's a good read, a light read for sure. Not something I'll re-read

Title: The Express: The Ernie Davis Story
Author: Robert Gallagher
Rating: 3 outta 5 stars
Review: So I started this book and gave it up rather quickly. The Ernie Davis story is amazing and inspiring, but the way in which this book is written is too boring to hold my attention when I have so many other books waiting for me. Sorry.

That said, I do wish more athletes today would realize that their popularity really makes them noticed by society, and I wish they would use that in a positive way, encouraging youth today to be more civil, more gracious, more intelligent in what they do.

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