Monday, December 1, 2008

Cute Christmas Present

In an effort to save money this Christmas (might be looking for a house this summer/fall - YAY!) I'm trying to make as many Christmas presents as I can. One present I really enjoy making is the one I'm making for my brother (and therefore the rest of my family).

Last Christmas I made a slideshow for Grandmother of the whole family. I got pictures from all my aunts/uncles/cousins, etc and made a family slideshow with music selected by each family. Well, S liked it and wanted one of just our immediate family, so guess what S? You're getting one for Christmas and I'm lovin makin it!

We were so cute...



Mom and A (older brother)

Me :)

S (little brother)

Seriously, we were adorable. Any agreeing comments are always appreciated. What are you doing for Christmas presents this year? Any good money saving ideas?

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