Thursday, December 18, 2008

Who I Admire

In response to Ashley's post on those we admire, I have the following.

1. My Mom. That might sound cliche, but the woman's amazing. That's an entire post there.
2. My students. There is a student every day (usually new ones each day) who inspire me to be better. Doing random acts of kindness (thanks for the holiday cake, L, it was amazingly sweet - in more ways than one), trying their hardest (sweet little F- always the last to finish her test, but she tries so hard, is so calm, sweet, and respectful, seriously, she's amazing), and making me laugh (there are too many to count).
3. My cousin. He's going after what he wants. He's getting married to a girl he's only been dating for very short while, and while I think he's nuts, I also admire him, because I know I could never do something so impulsive!
4. My Aunt. She's lost so much on WW, and she doesn't even realize it anymore because she's kept it off for so long. It's inspiring and encouraging.

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