Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Now I can't back out!

So, I'm officially signed up for the Spring into Summer Duathlon in a couple weeks. Ahhh! Now I'm scared. I know the first 2/3 will be okay, it's that last run...2 miles...that might just kill me.

In other news?

Another boring day. Sorry folks, the end of the school year just isn't all that exciting. I am heading to my old school this coming weekend for the kiddo's graduation. Not all of them (all 10 of them that is). Two of my volleyball girls are graduating and I just love them. They are so hilarious, smart, and just...great people. So, it's gonna be a long drive, but it'll be nice to see them again and congratulate them. My only problem is coming up with a simple (read: cheap) present that will work for both of them - they're going to the same university - and that's somewhat personal. Any ideas? They're going to the University of Central Missouri, if that helps.

Well, I'm out. Before I go though, everyone should check out Baba Yetu - it's an awesome song. You can't find it on iTunes, but you can find it just by searching Google. I'd link it up for ya, but what fun would that be.

Currently reading: Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings (If crazy cooks would stop walking by my apartment when I'm reading I might actually finish it!)

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